Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year's Day

It's a new year and the slate is clean. For everybody, New Year's Day provides the opportunity to commit or even re-commit to something or perhaps someone. I have owned my motorcycle for three years and notwithstanding my military duties including a deployment to Iraq it has been difficult giving the Model 7 the real attention it deserves. Bernal Osborne aptly described my affliction in his foreword to the second edition of  Modern Motorcycle Maintenance  as "needless tinkering-a pastime at which, I may say, motorcyclists are notoriously adept." I'll digress just a second and say that this is a fabulous little book especially for the novice mechanic. Now, it's time to get in it gear and address the issues.

A definitely good read

Like I mentioned earlier, I consider myself a vintage motorcyclist and so the goal of the "restoration" is a return to its original state rather than a concourse level attempt. Let's look at mine on top versus the standard I would like to achieve on the bottom.

The most obvious work to be done is on the tinwork. The front mudguard is incorrect but while I was in Iraq I was able to source a an original one with the front stand. I just need to find or fab some front stays. The rear mudguard was most likely involved in some incident because a good portion has been bobbed off so I'll have to figure something out there. Other things that need attention include:

1. Chrome tank completion
2. Proper silencers
3. Respoke wheels
4. Skim brake drums and new brake pads
5. Complete Carb Rebuild
6. Centre stand completion
7. Rocker oil feed line replacement
8. Sidestand rebuild
9. Complete revision of clutch
10. New seat cover
11. Rechrome a few parts

So there's the list and now it's time to get to work (after I finish my New Year's Bloody Mary). I wish you the very best for the New Year and the best of luck with your projects.

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