Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another New Addition

Just a short post while the shop area is getting sorted after the move. I got this home-made cylinder head spanner in the mail. I particularly love the bronze brazing reminiscent of some practical folk art. Simple and utilitarian demonstrating the resourcefulness of classic motorcyclists. While I purchased this one, these spanners are simple to make if only I had a welder. The socket portion is avalable from Melco Products in Sheffield, England. Just Google "Melco Box Spanner" and you will find plenty of sources.

These are particularly handy for the cylinder head bolts buried in the fins so to speak. Conventional socket wrenches are rarely slim enough to fit and still accomodate the head of the cylinder bolt.

Definitely a labor and more importantly fin saving device.


  1. So if conventional socket wrenches are rarely slim enough, do you by chance know what could get the job done? I only ask cause I find myself in the same predicament and none of my socket wrenches will fit. Thanks again.

  2. Jim,

    As I mentioned in the post, the traditional option isthe box spanner. Here is one of many sites that have them in all types to include BA and Whitworth. Check them out at You can simply braze a bolt on one end and done.Good luck.