Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now something practical......

It has been a bit since I have posted something related to bike restoration mostly since I am still in the midst of getting my shop squared away since the move to Houston. I collect parts for my Norton Model 7 but never really catalogued what I had. So I have taken the time to sort through everything and see what I have acquired and properly organize the parts for future use. Needless to say that it's quite a bit of stuff and some of it I think will end up getting sold.

In restoring my Norton, I have found that it's the little pieces like fasteners, special tools, etc. that are difficult to find. When I get ready to start a project, I always start out by sourcing everything first then seeing if they will work like I envision it. This is a bit backwards and some projects have sat around until all the little pieces have come together. With that type of strategy, one needs a supplier of tools and raw materials and here are a couple of spots I recommend.

The first is McMaster-Carr, the true industrial superstore, If they don't have it then it probably does not exist! McMaster-Carr has tools, hardware, raw materials all contained in a website that is easy to use. The prices are very reasonable as well.

Next is Graham Tool. Graham tool has some cool stuff in it. You could probably find it at McMaster-Carr but there are some hotrod and racing applications that might be difficult to find elsewhere. Not the cheapest prices though.

Gardner-Wescott is a fastener specialist that has the most expansive inventory of motorcycle specific fasteners imaginable. If you have a specific need for your restoration I would go there first.

This next site is for the tool fetishist. Garrett-Wade has a carpentry bent to it but there are definitely cool tools for every hobby including gardening. Some might find gardening inappropriate subject matter for a motorcycle site but think about this. Imagine I need some diamond files which aren't cheap so why not grease the skids with the wife with a handy set of japanese pruning shears all found at the same site and arriving in the same package. Win-win!

Best of luck on all of your projects!

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