Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Beautiful Piece of Moto Art

Got an email yesterday from Elvio Patuano of Zanzaracers that included pics of his latest creation. His bronzes are really beautiful and if I ever manage to save some money I wouldn't mind including a piece in my collection of Moto Art. This bronze will please the ever growing enthusiasts of dirt track racers.

Elvio's work has been getting exposure lately with an exhibit at Retromobile in Paris as well as a feature article at the venerable Southsiders blog. For those who haven't read my previous post on Elvio's work, his other artistic passion is handmade vintage raceboats with the twist that they are fantastic creations which never existed! Truly amazing.

His latest creation is of a Harley-Davidson 750 XR2:

Wax maquette


  1. I'm here to reciprocate your visit in my blogspace ("UM").
    Welcome always!