Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bobbed 1951 Model 7

I was going through my usual list of blogs that I follow when I came across a Model 7 Bobber featured on LE CONTAINER, which incidentally is a great blog featuring some wonderful photography. It is definitely worth a visit. I had first seen the bike on the Jockey Journal forum and thought it to be pretty striking. It is definitely not a motorcycle for most purists but it had me thinking a bit.

1951 Plunger Framed Norton Model 7 Bobber

The idea of bobbing my bike has passed through my head a few times even before seeing this picture. The natural stance of the 1951 Model 7 makes for a great bobber platform and from a practical standpoint eliminates the search for rare tinware. The rear plungers on this bike work well as all to often plungers seem to detract from the minimalist aesthetic at the core of the bobber style. The difficult part with this particular bike is achieving balance as the oilbag and tool box are side mounted on the right. Looking closely at the frame, it is evident that it would be a major engineeering effort to centralize the oilbag and still have sufficient capacity. Overall, I think this a sharp looking scoot.

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