Friday, November 12, 2010

Do you like adventure?

Dumb question. Motorcycling is all about adventure! Who hasn't thought of riding the Panamerican Highway or some equivalent? But some actually do it and do it in a big way.We are all familiar with McGregor and Boorman taking the "Long Way Round". Definitely a series I enjoyed watching. But what if you and your buddy decided to quit your jobs and circumnavigate the globe on 70 year old Nimbus motorcycles and document the whole journey from rebuilding the bikes to the travels over the next 2 years. Well, you would get this:

The reference to Croesus  in King Croesus' Contempt for Death or KCCD is a complicated one which required some research on my part. The best explanation that I could draw from the Wikipedia refers to the fickle nature of one's fortune which is a natural and essential component to any good adventure. Their itinerary is an ambitious one that does a bit more than circumnavigate the globe:

I haven't read through the whole adventure yet but the blog is fantastic. It offers great technical detail, fabulous photography, and superb humor from two of the ballsiest Norsemen around. Check them out here and support their adventure!

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