Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fender Work Progresses

After finding all the little "imperfecions" in the fender  with simple hammer and dolly work, I decided to go ahead and strip all of the surface rust off. I can't tell you how much I detest stripping paint, rust, whatever. The term "surface rust" is a loose one and highlights the vagaries associated with buying stuff on Ebay. I will say that Ebay is much maligned and with some justification. But considering where I live and the total inaccessibility to autojumbles, Ebay is really the only option and I have developed a bit of savvy in sorting the proverbial shit from shine-ola.

Before stripping and after....


Anyway the plan from the previous fender post has changed a bit. For starters, it has given me the excuse to buy a new toy- my own welder.  The wife will love that but the reality is I have two petrol tanks and an oil bag that need work as well. Rather than bronze braze the repairs, I'm going to do a proper welding job first. The pitting means that a skin coat of filler is necessary and that will help smooth out the metal work. I'll then spray heavy primer after sanding the filler as low as possible. If it doesn't look like crap, I'll go ahead and paint. Simple enough. Right?

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