Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The joy of being a beginner

Well, I got a precious day in the garage with many more to come since I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks. Good feeling. I have been fettling the carburettor for a while and have gotten it pretty well tuned but decided to buy new jets after reading an article on how cleaning unscrupulously with wire may change the orifice size. I was milling around the intake when I noticed something I hadn't seen before. I had always known that the rocker oil feed line was partially shrouded in plastic tubing.

But I didn't realize that one of the previous owners had incorporated a sight  window of sorts which is just perceptible in the center of the picture. What really concerned me however was the kink at the base of the feed line. I started the bike and flow was visible but my concern is that swarf may eventually clog it . Relieved that I had not been riding around while the top end was dry, I ordered a new feed line from Norvil. The question is whether or not to include the sight window as the previous had. If there are any opinions out there please let me know.

After dealing with the rocker oil feed line, I turned to the subject of a previous post---my front fender project. Clearly the fender had been the victim of some accident and some basic repairs were done. These repairs were mainly brazings of some cracks done prior to dealing with some dents and wrinkles. A few strikes of the hammer and dolly shattered those repairs and now it looks like I am going to learn how to weld.

So with a plaintive cry, I am asking for advice as to how to proceed. My inclination is to continue grinding down the previous welds, reshape the fender, then reweld with a MIG rather than braze. Let me know what you all think. Thanks.

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