Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mission Accomplished!!!!!!

After four years of searching, calling, disappointment I have finally acquired the last missing bit of tinware for Rocinante. I believe these vintage bikes have a soul. I don't mean it in some whacked out, new age, metaphysical, crystal worshipping way but classic bikes have a certain character. There have been times where I could tell my Model 7 was unhappy about something. I definitely know the bike was unhappy about having its tail bobbed. It was not an easy task to acquire the rear fender and the whole process has been filled with anxiety.

I won't hide it. I got the part through Ebay and believe me I can hear the groans. The reality is that for someone like myself that lives outside the british classic lines of drift here in South Texas you can trust me that Ebay is a godsend. I am fortunate that my experience with Ebay has been pretty good. No doubt that I have overpaid and been the subject of sniping resulting in a bidding strategy that probably would get me in trouble with the wife. The bottom line is that there is no Kempton Jumble here and Ebay for all its warts has opened classic motorcycling to those who otherwise couldn't including myself.

The secret to Ebay is developing relationships with sellers. I have fortunately developed a network of sellers that know me. I go out of my way to communicate with them and hold realistic expectations about what I am buying. I research their reputation in depth via their feedback and look around for pricing of like or similar objects. Let's face it's no different with an auction house or even a dealer. Classic motorcycling is always frought with surprises. Personally, I cuss them and enjoy them at the same time. It's part of the hobby. Sometimes treasure,sometimes trash.

Needless to say, the goal has been to slowly make friendships and the blog has provided a avenue to do so. I appreciate the support of all those that visit and comment. In return, if I can help you particularly european hotrodders and motorcyclists let me know. You can see by the last post that I have access to things that may be difficult for you all to find or super expensive. Drop me a line and I will help if I can. Anyway, straight from Jakarta, Indonesia I present my rear fender.

Clearly, there is some work to do including the removal of some additional metal work. Basically the same type of welding that I have to do on the front fender. Fortuitous for me in that I can do both at the same time.

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